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Miroslav Výboh

Miroslav Výboh is a successful entrepreneur from Slovakia with international business experience. He holds a degree in Economics.
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His post-secondary education was completed at the Faculty of National Economy of the Economic University in Bratislava, majoring in International Business and Tourism. Upon graduating, he gained his first work experiences in engineering at ZŤS Detva, a leader in its field in engineering. The company’s production program consisted of producing industrial heavy machinery and specialized military equipment. During his employment there, he was part of a team which worked on the development of the globally successful mine clearance system Božena, as well as laser devices which detected the use of chemical warfare, the latter which were used during the Gulf War. These experiences in engineering, coupled with an educational background in international business, foresaw the direction which Miroslav Výboh’s career would take. As the Export Director at ZŤS Detva, he was offered a position at then the largest engineering factory in Slovakia specifically within its business sector pertaining to international commerce, MARTIMEX.

In the late 1980s, MARTIMEX preoccupied itself with solutions to the conversion of weapons production and stood behind the cooperation agreement between the industrial complex of ZŤS and the German company, Hanomag. Miroslav Výboh, as the commercial representative, played an intrinsic role in managing this project. ZŤS Martin and ZŤS Detva supplied specific components to Hannover, while in return, the production of bulldozers with Hanomag licensing began in Martin. Up until the mid 1990’s, these bulldozer parts were exported to other countries including Germany. In the 1980s, the Hanomag business network sold compact skid steer loaders manufactured in ZŤS Detva and Krupina and a joint production of loaders by ZŤS and Hanomag was planned. Miroslav Výboh managed the project for several years directly from Hannover, as the sister company MSM Wiesbaden was founded in Germany in 1988.

Heavy machinery production at ZŤS enjoyed great success in the late 1980s, in part also thanks to co-export deals, which allowed for the series production of tens of various types of machinery to be exported worldwide.

Southworks’s concept includes a clean, minimal palette of steel, glass, brick and concrete. Black exposed services, warehouse style windows with opening lights and generous building proportions give the space an almost gallery-like feel.


In 1989, Miroslav completed his Commercial Representatives & Ambassadors Training.

After 1990 and shortly after a change in social and economic relations in former Czechoslovakia, Miroslav used his deep well of experience and contacts from international business to expand his business activities towards Asia. His focus was on the import of consumer goods to Europe. In the mid 1990’s, he discovered that after years of being part of the engineering sector specializing in export, numerous contacts, enormous experience and know-how undoubtedly led him back to heavy machinery and a specialization in military arms and equipment. A small company named Willing, from Zvolen, was able to establish itself as one of the most significant partners of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic and Ministry of Defense, during the integration process of Slovakia into NATO. As the company grew, its portfolio of services and expertise in various areas of the weapons and defence industries also grew.

Miroslav Výboh’s company, Willing, had exclusive service rights to the MiG fighter jets of the Slovak military as a NATO member.

The company became a well-respected brand with business relations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Miroslava Výboh remained majority shareholder of Willing until the end of 2011, when he sold his shares of the company to top management in a classic management buyout. This transaction sealed the deal for Miroslav Výboh and finalized his engagement in the defense industry.


During his time spent in the defense industry sector, Miroslav Výboh expanded his business portfolio to include real estate. A number of buildings protected by the Monuments Board of the Slovak Republic, which required substantial renovations and restorations, came under the eye of his company, AMW. Among his most successful acquisitions and renovations of national cultural heritages are undoubtedly the former building of the Zemská Banka on Gorkého Street in the historical town center of Bratislava. The building from the 1920s was successfully restored and renovated. In the administrative part of this building resides the private banking sector of Tatrabanka, a member of the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank International. Another example of a project applauded both by experts and the general public is the renovation of the historical building and national cultural site of the former Hungarian Business and Industrial Chamber, currently known as Gorkeho4 Offices.

Gorkeho4 Offices
Magnificent architecture of Gorkeho4 Offices with distinctive corner towers and beautified facades includes representative areas equipped with state of the art technology and comfort.

After years of deterioration, the building from 1903 was reconstructed and even won the prestigious 2019 CIJ AWARDS for Best Commercial Refurbishment. Miroslav Výboh sold the Gorkeho4 Offices in 2019 to Kooperativa, a member of the Vienna Insurance Group. Another national heritage renovated and refurbished by Miroslav was the only remaining part of the former Stein brewery, Spillka Offices also generates endearment among both professionals and laymen alike. Both of these buildings from Miroslav’s portfolio were nominated for the prestigious ASB GALA award.
Not lagging behind in any way, is the collaboration between YIT Slovakia: the New Stein project. Miroslav Výboh’s company, as the developer, first bought the administrative part of the Steinerka Business Center, successfully built and then sold it to the IAD Investments. This project encompasses more than 12,000 m2 of administrative space which was fully occupied shortly after its approval by tenants such as Telekom or other slovak developer Lucron. In 2018, the Steinerka Business Center was nominated for Building of the Year.

The restoration of cultural sites became a trademark of Miroslav’s real estate activities, where the atypical occurs by merging cultural heritage, artisanal precision and administrative purpose.


The key year for Miroslav Výboh’s real estate ventures was 2018, when Výboh’s London company Mayfair Assets Ltd, and MiddleCap Equity Partners, a.s. fused together and became known under the brand ‘MiddleCap Group’, residing in Luxembourg. The brand’s strength comes from its vast knowledge of the business environment and a team of experienced investment professionals who rely on their rich local and international experience.

The result of the fusion of these two companies is the combination of investment consulting and real estate activities. Miroslav Výboh is both partner and chairman of the newly formed entity. The fruits of this fusion are palpable in the form of the company’s first foreign land development acquisition in London. The project is located in Southwark and is the administrative building of Southworks. Construction began in January 2020 and was delivered in 2021, along with the 6300m2 of rentable space. The unique building design will be remarkable due to its handmade glass bricks and double hight entrance. The technologies such as touch-free check-in for guests via QR code, sensors measuring density and the air quality in interior as well as exterior spaces used within the building will be part of Southworks and should support the wellbeing and health of its employees. The employer but also the employees will have all this information handy thanks to a dedicated smartphone application.

Seal House
Seal House with over 13 000 m2 of office space, 1000 m2 of restaurants and lookout terraces will become one of the dominants on the river Themes.
Seal House

Another foreign acquisition from October 2019 is a building situated in London City next to the Thames and London Bridge. The Seal House project is currently in its permit phase and its completion is planned for 2024. The architectural design and rendering was created at world-renowned Eric Parry Architects. The office building will contain over 13,000 m2 of office space, 1000m2 of restaurant space and a public viewing terrace.

Sustainability is a given for all MiddleCap projects and both London buildings are designed to achieve BREEAM certification and other certification programmes as Smart Building certification, CyclingScore or Wired Score. Both projects boast leading technology and sensors, which ensure the well being and safety of employees, especially after returning to the office in the midst of COVID-19. MiddleCap also prioritizes the combination of smart features and natural elements such as fresh air through openable windows or natural light also in secondary spaces such as stairways.

In 2019, MiddleCap acquired a land on which the former Ružinov Department Store stood, thus adding another interesting project to its portfolio. The project is in its permit phase and last year a successful international architectural tender was presented. Among all the international submissions, the architecture studio of Jakub Cigler beat out the rest, with their vision of creating a residential project which would bring added value not only to the decrepit skeleton of the former shopping mall but also to the neighborhood and to the community of Ružinov as a whole. The city district of Ružinov is currently one of the most sought-after city districts for urban dwelling in Bratislava. The project will be the first residential project.

The advisory division of MiddleCap reaped the fruits of its labor in 2019, when it closed deals amounting to 245 million Euros. These were primarily internal transactions including Gorkeho4 Offices, Seal House, Fokus Optik, Fokus očná optika, Galaxy optik, InsightArt, Cross Network Intelligence but also external ones such as Transdev Group.

Spilka Offices
Spilka Offices
National historic landmark Spilka is the only object of the former brewery in Bratislava that was preserved to this day.

In the beginning of 2020, the advisory division of the company was able to close a large deal in Poland, where MiddleCap served as the consultant for IAD Investments during the acquisition of the first Polish development of Penta Invsetments.

In the second half of 2018, MiddleCap decided to bolster its division through venture capital and acquired shares in the Air Ventures company. Two startups also made it into the portfolio. Miroslav Výboh sees great potential in investing in and supporting small companies.

Insight Art became part of Air Ventures in the middle of 2019 due to its unique technology, which is able to uncover the DNA of artworks. The company represents a revolution within the art world thanks to the use of x-ray imaging technology which was previously available only when researching particle physics. The startup’s mission is to protect the world’s art heritage using the most modern equipment for professionals in the field of art restoration and those uncovering art forgery.

Cross Networks Intelligence, belonging under the Air Ventures fund since the end of 2019, offers a unique and unified view into the inventory of your network and services, which in turn enables you to fully understand costs and projected revenue when transforming and expanding a network. It is a complex inventory system which covers all your assets.

The Greenest Company is a one-of-a-kind startup enabling data-driven innovations in interior design through its two products: Spacemonitoring – workplace management service that helps you to understand, prioritize, and decide how to increase productivity and wellbeing. Spaceplant – a multimodal alternative to garden walls that enhances well being and serves as a mobile space divider at the same time. Space monitoring helps users make important decisions which reform and upgrade their working space and environment.

Fashion brand Nahmias established in 2018 was added to the portfolio in 2020 and it’s the first fashion brand investment of Miroslav Výboh and MiddleCap. The founder Doni Nahmias decided to base his company headquarters in Los Angeles, which is fast becoming the Paris of the West and city of fashion in the USA. Brands such as Amiri, Fear of God and Rhude are all successful business brands also headquartered in L.A.

Nahmias unique fashion pieces can be seen on celebrities such as Lewis Hamilton, Arthur LeClerc, Justin Bieber, P. Diddy, Usher, L. Richie and even the greatest stars of the NBA and NFL: James Harden, Baker Mayfield or LeBron James, all known for their trendsetting ways.
MiddleCap London Offices
InsightArt with headquarters in Prague is a part of the market since 2018 and is a subsidiary company of ADVACAM – certified supplier of NASA.

Air Ventures

Air Ventures is the main organizational unit behind the Startup World Cup & Summit.

Startup World Cup & Summit is a major European startup conference where the continental finale of the Startup World Cup global competition takes place. Hundreds of European startups apply to compete here for the $500k investment prize and a chance to win another $1M at the global grand finale in San Francisco. The best European startups, VCs, entrepreneurs, and world-class tech CEOs are meeting in Prague to create a melting pot of disruptive ideas. The Startup World Cup & Summit is where Europe’s most promising founders meet investors, learn from each other, and start relationships that can change the trajectory of their businesses. It’s also a place where sharing a great idea in a casual networking session often leads to immediate investments.

By organizing the Startup World Cup & Summit, we aim to inspire the new generation of changemakers to redefine the ‘Old Continent’ idiom that Europe is known for.


As the chairman of MiddleCap Group, Miroslav Výboh also delved into retail. After over one year of negotiations, the company bought the largest retail chain of optician stores in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, FOKUS. This sale was strengthened by the further acquisition of Galaxy optik which was grouped together with the FOKUS chain. After closing both transactions, resulting in over 160 stores and 510 employees, MiddleCap Group became one of the biggest players in the optician’s segment on the Central European market.

In Southworks, fresh air and natural light merge natural environment with high-end technology to support efficiency, sustainability, but most of all comfort, health, and calm for the people working in the building.

& Sytiq

The construction company Sytiq, founded in 2019, quickly established itself among both Czech and Slovak markets. It currently supplies construction services for a number of projects, including 8,100 m2 of residential projects and 26,600 m2 of retail space (under construction). The company is also involved in the construction of Slovakia’s first ever skyscraper in Bratislava. Sytiq and its construction activities, fit in excellently with MiddleCap strategies to promote its real estate division.

In the beginning of 2020, the company BFF Tech, known currently as Voltatech, was added to MiddleCap’s portfolio. The Slovak company specializes in tunnel technology, high-voltage and low-voltage currents and is a true leader in its field. Voltatech enabled high-voltage currents in a number of residential projects, industrial parks and halls. Its tunnel technology is evident in six Slovak tunnels: Ovčiarsko, Poľana, Prešov, Žilina, Považský Chlmec and Svrčinovec.

Miroslav Výboh and MiddleCap plan on expanding their activities in each respective division and will continue to acquire successful companies or startups which have the potential for future success or breakthroughs into their portfolio. They plan on expanding their sphere of influence in the real estate sector to other European metropolises and in doing so become one of the most prominent real estate players not only in Slovakia.