Who is Miroslav Vyboh?

Miroslav Vyboh is a Slovakian businessman, racing driver and family man. Indeed, he has had a very successful professional career, starting in 1986 as head of the sales and export department in the company Závody ťažkého strojárstva. He held a position as sales manager in Germany at Martimex and later was chairman of the supervisory board at Willing. Miroslav Vyboh later held the same position at AMW, which is his private company. In 2013, the businessman became CEO and honorary consul in the Principality of Monaco. And finally, in 2018, after merging two of his companies, Mayfair Assets Ltd and MiddleCap Equity Partners, Miroslav Vyboh became the CEO and partner of MiddleCap, the name given to the company after the merger. For more information on Miroslav Vyboh’s professional life, please see his CV.

Mirolav Vyboh, CEO and partner of MiddleCap

MiddleCap Group, formerly divided into two companies: MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd and Mayfair Assets Ltd, is an investment holding company with operations in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, England and Germany. Its activities are mainly focused on consulting, real estate, private equity and venture capital. MiddleCap’s main asset is the international experience they offer, including a team of professionals qualified in financial analysis and investment management for over a decade. The values around which MiddleCap develops and expands its activities are commitment, trust, determination, fairness and professionalism. Innovation is also at the heart of their thinking so that they can develop good ideas, help companies grow more intensively, discover new markets and protect the value they have acquired.

Miroslav Vyboh, the Ferrari racing driver

The Slovakian businessman and his son, Matus Vyboh, compete in the Ferrari Challenge race for Scuderia Praha

For Miroslav Vyboh, driving a Ferrari race car was a hobby for the Slovakian from a young age, but over time it has become a passion. A passion that he now shares with his son Matus Vyboh. For three years now, the two Slovakian businessmen have been taking part in the racing events organised by the world-famous Ferrari brand. For Miroslav Vyboh, the balance sheet of these three years of racing amounts to 32 participations in races with 6 podium finishes. The important thing is that each year his performance has improved, which bodes well for the next races! As far as Matus Vyboh is concerned, the balance of the 3 years of racing is 35 participations, of which he won 6 times and was on the podium 21 times! Has the student surpassed the master? It doesn’t really matter, because between father and son there is no competition, if one or the other finishes on the podium, it is a victory shared by both Slovaks!